About Me...

I was born in Pittsburgh, where the only spices are salt, pepper and Heinz ketchup.  When I ventured away for college, I went far enough to have it considered “away from home” but close enough that I could get home in an hour by car.  As I had a bit of a lead foot, I could make it in forty-five minutes.

I graduated cum laude from Geneva College with majors in Writing and Communications and minors in English and Public Relations.  It was nice to have my gift of gab and story telling actually earn me a degree.  It was like magic.

I loved my high school years. Everything felt so fresh, so alive. First loves, first kisses, best friends and the making of wonderful memories. Is it any wonder I began to write books about young adults? I find those years the most powerful, most magical and the truest. I remember the feelings like they were yesterday.  Every day there was a possibility that something wonderful could happen. The little things were huge deals, and they should be. Always. We should all appreciate the little things. We should live our lives each day as if something wonderful is just around the corner.