I write contemporary stories about teens—their fears, their challenges, their hopes and dreams.  They’re on the cutting edge of life, and those experiences shape them, mold them, and sometimes completely change them.  They’re on a perpetual quest for knowledge, adventure, acceptance and love. 

As the claddagh symbolizes on each of my pages, my books are about mainly three things:  friendship (the hands), love (the heart), and loyalty (the crown.)  All three are woven into my stories because they’re equally important.  I enjoy writing characters with strong female friendships and solid personal connections with either family or people we make family.  And lots of romance.  :)

I remember my own high school story well.  Although my college experience allowed me to test my wings, I treasured my high school years best. Everything felt so fresh, so alive. First loves, first kisses, best friends and the making of life-long memories.  Those years were the most powerful, most magical and the truest. 

I remember the feelings like they were yesterday. Every day was ripe with possibilities. We should always live each day as if something wonderful is just around the corner. 

Thanks for visiting my little corner.